The meaning of a house and a home are not the same.  A house is a dwelling or a shelter which provides people with a place to live.  A house is made out of different kinds of materials and it comes in with different shapes, sizes and heights.  It gives us a base to live, privacy and a place to store our personal belongings. A house without a home is nothing but an empty place without life, meaning or purpose.  A house refers to the materials that formed the dwelling place and a home is can only be created by the people living in it.  Everything that happens in a home determines valuable and meaning of the house.


So, what is a home?


A home is a place where…

  • People can find love, laugh, and life.
  • People can find comport, encouragement, help, and hope.
  • Children receive love, protection, support, and proper guidance
  • Family members cannot wait to return to after a long hard working day
  • Family members receive sympathetic, passionate, and nurturing love
  • Family receives a sense of being understood, valued, and appreciated for who they are or what skills they possess
  • Family members receive social, emotional, educational and spiritual growth
  • Amazing love and forgiveness are seen and heard in every room and corner of the house

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