To forgive someone is to let someone of the hook, to pardon someone for their mistake towards you.

To forgive is to overlook - let things go, not cover up, and not to tell others what that person had done.

To forgive means to cancel for what is owed.  

To forgive means not to seek for revenge.

To forgive someone is not remind yourself or that person about the wrong, hurt or pain that the person created in past, nor to tell anyone else of it.

To forgive someone means not to let that person or your emotion take control of your life or to rob you from enjoying the life that you have now and in the future.

To forgive is the beginning of help, hope and healing for you.

Forgiveness is an act of courage in which allows us to move on out of harmful way. It is a way of going from the past to the present and then moving on toward the future. The real point of any event is to learn whatever lesson exists in that event and then to move on. When we hold onto negative emotions and memories we end up harming ourselves much more than we could ever hurt or harm the other person. Thus we give the other person huge amount of power over us and we further victimize ourselves. 

When we forgive, we free ourselves from the other person and our self-esteem immediately gets a boost.

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