Learning about the importance of forgiving someone for their wrong is the beginning step to recognizing one’s hurt, pain and need for healing. Knowing how to forgive is a prerequisite skill for living a successful life. When we understand how to forgive, we can deal with people who offend us. Whatever problem a person encounters in life, he or she will discover within the principles of forgiveness and the necessary steps to freeing oneself from the emotional, psychological and spiritual bondage. 


Forgiveness can also cause problems in relationships. When you develop the necessary power and self will forgive someone, it empowers you to do something that most people would not do. Once you are able to fully release someone for that they have done to you, you will free that person and yourself, and begin to bring peace and joy into your life- a gift that you owe it to yourself. Forgiveness is not a feeling. Something we tend to forget is that we also need to forgive ourselves. It is a choice that we make. It is not a feeling. Feelings come and go. Human feelings or emotions are like the waves in the oceans, it comes and go and do not stay still in one place. Make the choice to forgive yourself and others today.


What unforgiving spirit can do to your health?


Unforgiveness can cause disease. It can actually make you sick. It can cause more illnesses than any other factors in your life. 

Unforgiveness also causes depression. It is hard to enjoy your life when you cannot forgive someone. 

Unforgiveness can cause bitterness to grow in your heart. When this happens you tend to take it out on those around you. In a married relationship, one’s spouse and children usually becomes the receiver of one’s unforgiving spirit. 

Unforgiveness keeps you tied to the past. You can't let go of it. It dominates your life. You can't enjoy the life you have now because you are thinking about the past. It robs you from your sleep concentration.  It can even drain your checkbook or bank account as you become ill and need medical attention.  So, the bottom line is, it does not worth for you to keep punishing yourself just because you are not able to forgive someone for the pain, suffering or issue that they have caused you. So, make a decision to free yourself today or as soon as possible.

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