"Dr. Youd Sinh Chao’s book on Intercultural Communication is clear and easy to read. It seems very comprehensive relating to the Mien and other cultures in South East Asia dealing with the communication within the family structures."

Lorna Frickel
MA in Religious Education from Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary and author of research paper entitled “Learning Styles In South East Asian Cultures” 1999

"'How fascinating!' I thought as I was reading this book. My dear friend Dr. Youd Sinh Chao has drawn many practical comparisons between his own people group, the Mien, with other ethnic groups and modern American culture."


C. W. Callaway
Retired missionary to Mien people for over 60 years both overseas and in the U.S.

"Dr. Youd Sinh does not write merely from an academic or philosophical perspective; he has personally experienced these complexities and challenges, having come to the United States in the mid‘80s."



Vincent L. Inzerillo D. Min
Language Missions Director, Northwest Baptist Convention/SBC Senior Pastor of New Harvest Church in Portland, Oregon

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